The following are the standard rates, not including GST:

Mediation, Mediation-Arbitration, or Arbitration$260/hr
Parenting Coordination$300/hr
Hear the Child Reports:
••• One Child
••• Each Additional Child

Section 211, Views of the Child, Needs of the Child Assessments$275/hr
Individual Coaching$175/hr
Joint or Family Coaching$260/hr
Organizational Development & Consulting$200/hr
Curriculum Development & Training$150-$250/hr and
Appearing in Court $400/hr
Speaker ServicesPlease inquire


  • For services involving more than one person, fees are usually shared equally or divided based on income
  • Preparation and Travel expenses are extra and will be negotiated separately
  • Other fee arrangements may be possible.
  • Some services are subject to GST
  • Some services may be covered by Legal Aid BC funding or extended benefit programs (EAP or EFAP) available to the client or their family members.
  • Fees can be paid by e-transfer, cheque, credit card, or cash before or at the beginning of an appointment, unless being paid as a disbursement from lawyer’s office.
  • Reduced fees may be available on a limited basis for clients with limited financial means and nonprofit societies. Note: If applying for reduced fees, additional information will be required – Please see below.

Supporting Families with Financial Needs:

  • Rates may be adjusted on a sliding scale for families and individuals in financial need
  • Approval for reduced rates is solely at the discretion of Ambitus Consulting
  • Reduced rates are not available for services that have already been provided
  • Reduced rates will be for a fixed number of hours
  • Proof of financial need may be required
  • Approved reduced hourly rate will be shared with the other parties on file

Legal Aid

  • Legal Aid referrals accepted
  • Ambitus Consulting takes on a limited number of legal aid files at a time

Rates for Non-Profits and Charities

  • Nonprofit/charity rate adjustment available

Please contact us for more information: office@katbellamano.com