The following are the standard rates, not including GST:

Mediation, Mediation-Arbitration, or Arbitration$260/hr
Parenting Coordination$300/hr
Hear the Child Reports:
••• One Child
••• Each Additional Child

Section 211, Views of the Child, Needs of the Child Assessments$275/hr
Individual Coaching$175/hr
Joint or Family Coaching$260/hr
Organizational Development & Consulting$200/hr
Curriculum Development & Training$150-$250/hr and
Appearing in Court $400/hr
Speaker ServicesPlease inquire


  • For services involving more than one person, fees are usually shared equally or divided based on income
  • Preparation and Travel expenses are extra and will be negotiated separately
  • Other fee arrangements may be possible.
  • Some services are subject to GST
  • Some services may be covered by Legal Aid BC funding or extended benefit programs (EAP or EFAP) available to the client or their family members.
  • Fees can be paid by e-transfer, cheque, credit card, or cash before or at the beginning of an appointment, unless being paid as a disbursement from lawyer’s office.
  • Reduced fees may be available on a limited basis for clients with limited financial means and nonprofit societies. Note: If applying for reduced fees, additional information will be required – Please see below.

Supporting Families with Financial Needs:

  • Rates may be adjusted on a sliding scale for families and individuals in financial need
  • Approval for reduced rates is solely at the discretion of Ambitus Consulting
  • Reduced rates are not available for services that have already been provided
  • Reduced rates will be for a fixed number of hours
  • Proof of financial need may be required
  • Approved reduced hourly rate will be shared with the other parties on file

Legal Aid

  • Legal Aid referrals accepted
  • Ambitus Consulting takes on a limited number of legal aid files at a time

Rates for Non-Profits and Charities

  • Nonprofit/charity rate adjustment available

Please contact us for more information: office@katbellamano.com


As per the guidelines provided by the Public Health Authority, the BC College of Social Workers and WorkSafe BC, here is the plan for Ambitus Consulting to continue to provide services:

Where possible, we will continue with the vast majority of appointments to be held virtually. However, we have slowly started to introduce in person appointments, limiting them to 1 in-person appointment a week. These will increase as time progresses. 

We will strive to hold  in-person meetings in an outside setting. If this is not possible due to rain, or other environmental factors outside of our control, meetings will be held inside and masks will be required.

Joint or group meetings will only be held in-person if appropriate safety measures can be taken. These will include:

  • Meeting outdoors; or
  • Meeting indoors, including only members of the same “bubble”; or
  • Being able to maintain 2 metres/6 feet between all attendees; or
  • Being able to maintain at least 2 metres/6 feet between the client group and facilitator

Additional requirements:

  • Clients attending in-person are asked to wait in their vehicle or in an outdoor area away from other people until immediately before their meeting.
  • When we are holding more than one in-person sessions a week, appointment times will be staggered to allow for cleaning and social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at entrance door.
  • Late cancellation fees will be waived for anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, personally or in their household.
  • Clients attending in-person meetings will be asked COVID screening questions.
  • Please wash your hands before attending in-person and avoid touching your face during meetings when possible.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing.
  • Please make payment by e-transfer, credit card over the phone or cheque by mail.